• The Cities at Dusk (Official video)
  • Cotinuous Emptiness (EP)
  • Auf Dem Kosmischen Tal Suche Ich Nach Meinem Tod
  • Unlimited Sequences of Pain (EP)
  • Voyageur (Official video)

Latest release

  • Label :
    OVRDS Music
  • Released :
    May 13/05/2021
  • Genre :
    Atmospheric Doom/Drone
  • Styles :
    Post/Ultra-Modernist Doom
  • Website :

We are a different
kind of artist

WE ARE MUSIC LOVERS SINCE 2013. We are a NetLabel focussed in the Drone, Atmosphere Funeral Doom, Black Funeral Doom, Monolithic Drone Funeral Doom, Death Doom, Dark Metal, Experimental Electronic, Avantgarde, Indie Rock, Alternative, Noise and similars genres.

From 2015 We Support Physical Releases and from 2016 on Digital Releases in the most visited stores like Spotify & Apple Music: This is our new way to support the amazing art expression. At this time, this is just for special bands with a "critical vision" of the world, society and human complexity. We are artist based in Brussels, Belgium, but opened to the whole world to join us.

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Our Digital Releases

Funeral Inconscientemente Natural - Continuous Emptiness
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Fliegend - Auf Dem Kosmischen Tal Suche Ich Nach Meinem Tod
View Album ›
Funeral Inconscientemente Natural - Voyageur
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Cadavra - Unlimited Sequences of Pain
View Album ›
Cadavra -
View Album ›
Cadavra -
View Album ›
Fliegend - At the Dark Gate from the Hidden Whiteness
View Album ›
Cadavra -
Sorrow Box
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Cadavra - Confesión Cardinal
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Say Just Words -
The Perfect Killer
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The Sad Darkness of thy Love - Last Dance for a Slow Decay (10th years)
View Album ›
Funeral Inconscientemente Natural - El Ciclo de la Impotencia de la Conciencia
View Album ›
Funeral Inconscientemente Natural - Des Visions Dombres Et de Tristesses
View Album ›
Dios Incandescente, Nightless, Egregora Mortem - vie | static | ausencia
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Funeral Inconscientemente Natural - Layil
View Album ›
The Wings of Falling Lovers - Under Night of the City
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Nightless -
Ainsi est la vie
View Album ›
Nightless - The Night of Winter
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Funeral Inconscientemente Natural - La Esperanza que Nunca se Pierde... Es la de Morir
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Funeral Inconscientemente Natural - Into December March
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Our upcoming releases

  • A LEX:
    the early works of an incandescent god
  • Circa Nadir:
  • FIN - Funeral Inconscientemente Natural:
    Locus Caeruleus
  • Nightless:
    A ghostly path in autumn of loneliness
  • Nightless:
    Monilith of windowpane
    11th Anniversary Compilation
  • Say Just Words:

What's new?

  • May 13, 2021

    Take a look to the Official Video for "The Cities at Dusk"

    Funeral Inconscientemente Natural has been released their new EP Continuous Emptiness and bring us a surprise with a co-created track with SPES NOSTRA, in lines of Black Doom like we never ear before. The official video show us a desolate image from the current world.

    Watch the vídeo ›
  • April 03, 2020

    Listen "Lost in Sad Darkness", the return of the The Sad Darkness of thy Love

    "Last Dance for a Slow Decay... 10 years after" is a way to visit his grave and remember them with affection. This version contains an unpublished bonus track called "Lost in Sad Darkness", which was recorded between 2016 and raises a seed of hope for its return.

    Listen here ›
  • March 13, 2020

    Watch The Official Video for "Voyageur", the single of FIN

    Funeral Inconscientemente Natural surprise us again with a new single of their amazing new album. Voyageur is the track that give the name to the second album is a deep mix of feelings, moods, emotions, affective relationships & experiences collected and consolidated in this 10 years of travel between America-Europe.

    Watch the vídeo ›

Contact us

  • Brussels, Belgium info@ovrdsmusic.com